Skyline Cockpit

Enhancing site safety and efficiency
with crane remote operation

Crane Operator

Skyline Cockpit

Skyline Cockpit leverages advanced robotics and
automation technologies for crane remote operation.

Our solution optimises on-site operations through actionable insights derived from the data collected on-site, ensuring continual enhancement of performance metrics.

Amplify Your
Crane Game

Experience a 360-degree site panorama and crystal-clear visibility of
the load line and hook. Take advantage of AR-predicted landing spot while seamlessly managing multiple cranes, unlocking an 8% surge in operational productivity.

Skyline Cockpit’s pioneering technology is your perfect fit regardless of your tower crane model.

Cockpit POV

Transforming Construction
The Skyline Cockpit Story

We’re on a mission to address inefficiencies in crane operations and job site logistics by enhancing ground control. 

How do we do it?

Deep crane understanding
we understand crane mechanics, limitations, and potential.

Construction industry savvy
we fully grasp construction companies’ unique challenges and opportunities.

Tech expertise at the forefront
Our team consists of tech visionaries who develop groundbreaking solutions
that put your cranes at the forefront of innovation.


Leading the crane industry forward
to remote command and control

Field feedback

A unique product with hundreds
of work hours in the field
and positive feedback
from operators

A solution matching the needs
of the construction market:
improving safety, increasing
efficiency, reducing costs

Skyline is well established
in the construction industry
and has connections in all
market segments