Bridging the Gap: From Sky-High to Ground Command

Skyline Cockpit started with the crane operator at its heart. “Throughout our global travels and conferences, we consistently identified a looming issue in our industry,” shares Aviv Carmel, co-CEO of Skyline Cranes and Technologies and a seasoned international expert.”

The next generation is veering away from the isolated, weather-worn cabins suspended high in the air. The appeal of being a crane operator is waning.”

A Groundbreaking Remote-Control Command Center

Our vision was clear: if drones in Iraq can be operated from Texas, why not cranes from the ground? “We weren’t just bringing cranes to the ground; we were reinventing the whole experience. Equipped with radars, lasers, cameras, and sensors, the operator now has a dashboard like a pilot’s. Information on wind direction, exact cargo landing and take-off points is readily available,” explains Carmel.

Empowering the Entire Team

This revolution wasn’t just for operators. “The wealth of data we accumulated was invaluable for the entire construction team, from foremen to safety managers. With real-time data streaming, the entire team could collaborate more effectively. The operator, signal person, and foreman can jointly analyze data, even magnifying visuals to inspect minute details,” says Carmel.

Pioneering Excellence: Skyline’s Legacy

Skyline Cockpit carries the DNA of Skyline Cranes and Technologies, the proud owner of Israel’s largest crane fleet. Skyline has a deep-rooted understanding of the industry and lasting affiliations with major global crane manufacturers and leasing firms include names like Yongmao, ENG, Liebherr, Terex, Comansa Acromet, Uperio, Morrow, NFT, and more.

Our Team

Our management team is experienced in the
fields of cranes, robotics , mechanics and data

Eng. Zachi Flatto
Co-Founder & CEO

Aviv Carmel

Eldar Cohen
System Architect

Dan Ezra
Operations Manager

Alon Magal
Head of Business Development

Maya Parnes
Marketing Director