Shifting control
To the ground

Shifting crane control to a ground command centre

Skyline Cockpit

Multi-Angle Camera System
Using multi cameras placed on the
tower crane, we display a panoramic view
capturing every essential angle, including
perspectives from the trolley winch,
lift winch, and the cabin and a clear view
of the hook and load line.
Cutting-Edge Software
Fusion & AR
Our sophisticated software process
interweave these visuals to presents a
unified, intuitive display, enabling the crane
operator to oversee diverse operational
elements concurrently. On top of that, we
offer an AR layer that anticipates the exact
landing spot in real time.
Enhancing Remote
Our proprietary algorithms and patented
applications empower operators with
real-time alerts and critical data, including
safety warnings, based on weather and
wind data during lifting tasks.
SkylineCockpit Tech